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Consolidation Manager

Consolidation Manager provides a standard, secure platform for accounting and accurate, real-time financial reporting for all of your churches, schools, and nonprofits. Ideal for multi-site campuses, church plants, and dioceses, Financial Consolidation delivers the technology you need to support accountability, training, and processes at every location. And unlike systems designed for the “for-profit” sector, ConnectNow delivers a true financial picture that mirrors the activities of any individual church organization—or all your organizations—at any time, for any period.


  • Productivity from multiple web devices
  • Standardized chart of accounts and reports ease the burden of compiling reports from different systems — real-time data is available for any organization any time you need it
  • Common training environment lets your bookkeepers learn together, on the same platform, while building a solid understanding of how your accounting practices work toward safekeeping of church finances
  • Versatile, flexible control allows organization leaders to better support staff, perform transactions on their behalf, or do the books for multiple organizations in separate, secure ConnectNow Accounting sites
  • Automatic backups and updates


Compare with QuickBooks®

Churches that use QuickBooks are not only missing out on the benefits of a true fund accounting system, they may be leaving their financial records vulnerable. . . in ways pastors, finance councils, and staff may not even realize. Learn more.

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