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Fixed Assets

The assets your organization owns are substantial investments. Whether your organization is large or small, tracking and accountability of those assets is an important job. ConnectNow's Fixed Assets program lets you keep tabs on buildings, land, vehicles, equipment, furniture, and more, so you'll always have accurate, detailed records. As a fully integrated add-on module in the ConnectNow Accounting suite, Fixed Assets supports informed management and reporting of the assets your organization owns.


  • Present a more complete financial picture of your organization when you know what you own and what it's worth.
  • Reduce risk and costs with an accurate inventory, current valuation, and proper asset maintenance and insurance.
  • Enable better overall management of assets.
  • Improve accountability to donors, governing boards, finance councils, and other leaders.


Detailed Tracking:

Fixed Assets lets you organize in a single place all the details for each asset, including:

  • Unique record for each asset owned
  • Date of purchase
  • Location
  • Who has the asset
  • Warranty information
  • Insurance providers and valuations
  • Maintenance schedules and notifications
  • Cost
  • Depreciation (optional)
  • Sale / disposal

Nonprofit organizations are not necessarily required to use depreciation, but the Fixed Assets program includes straight-line depreciation functionality for those organizations that wish to use it.

Like all products in the ConnectNow Accounting Suite, Fixed Assets provides secure access to the system from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and a compatible web browser. And there's no software to install or update. Backups and software updates are automatic, so you'll always have the latest productivity tools for every ConnectNow Accounting user in your organization.  


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Intro to Fixed Assets

ConnectNow Accounting Fixed Asset Module Overview from ParishSOFT on Vimeo.

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