ConnectNow Church Accounting

Secure, Browser-Based Accounting

for Churches and Schools

Ledger and Payables

Designed for the special needs of churches and schools, ConnectNow Ledger and Payables connects parish staff to their accounting records online. Securely. From any computer with an Internet connection. With ConnectNow's ease and mobility, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date financial records. Just log in! And get the information and reports you need. Anytime. Anywhere.

ConnectNow Accounting tracks bills, deposits, vendors, journal entries, and budgets. With features like dedicated funds, projects, and built-in controls, it's easy to safeguard your finances and keep your books in good working order. And the system's powerful reporting helps to take the stress out of providing financial statements to your donors, finance council, pastor — even your diocese.



Compare with QuickBooks®

Churches that use QuickBooks are not only missing out on the benefits of a true fund accounting system, they may be leaving their financial records vulnerable. . . in ways pastors, finance councils, and staff may not even realize. Learn more.


Compare with CMS Ledger & Payables

As the next generation of CMS Fund Accounting, ConnectNow offers everything you like about your current software, and so much more! New functionality, improved security, and rich, flexible reporting make this product a must-have for your church. Learn more.


Watch the Videos

Church Accounting Made Easy:

14-minute overview of Ledger & Payables at work


Upgrading CMS Fund Accounting to ConnectNow:

19-minute overview to help CMS Ledger and Payables users compare their current software with the next generation ConnectNow Accounting system

Converting CMS Fund Accounting to ConnectNow from ParishSOFT on Vimeo.

ConnectNow Accounting Suite
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