ConnectNow Church Accounting

Secure, Browser-Based Payroll

Designed for Churches and Schools


ConnectNow Payroll is accurate and on time. Church staff—even the non-experts—can manage payroll, deductions, benefits, special clergy allowances, and personal time securely and with confidence. Features like pay groups, automatic allocation to funds/departments, and an intuitive step-through payroll process, make fast work of preparing checks or an ACH file for automatic deposits. Secured payroll data ensures correct W-2s and accumulations totals for year-end.

Tied Directly to Your General Ledger

Fully integrated with our Ledger & Payables program, all Payroll processing is automatically tracked in your general ledger, so there’s no need for duplicate data entry or special imports. State and federal tax tables are updated automatically, so you can rest assured that your Payroll system will always have the most current rates.



Watch the Video

ConnectNow Payroll:

14-minute overview of what ConnectNow Payroll offers, produced by our sister company, ParishSoft.

Converting from CMS Fund Accounting:

This video will show you just a few of the benefits of converting from CMS Fund Accounting to ConnectNow Accounting.

Converting CMS Fund Accounting to ConnectNow from ParishSOFT on Vimeo.

ConnectNow Accounting Suite
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