Download Reinstallation/Workstation Installation

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Download Reinstallation/Workstation Installation

The Reinstallation and Workstation installation file is approximately 39M in size.

If installing a single product on a single computer/workstation, use "Run this program from its current location", "Open", or "Run" on the following window to download. Follow the instructions. The download installation will automatically run on your computer.

Click Save to save the ReinstallDownload.exe file to a network folder or CD and then double-click the ReinstallDownload.exe file to run and perform Workstation installations on multiple computers on a network without the need to download on each computer.

Read the Network Installation instructions before downloading this Reinstallation/Workstation Installation that is appropriate for your network environment:

Click here to download
Click here to download

NOTE:  After installing the programs and restoring your data, be sure to run the Online Update to install any missing updates.  Click File | Update | click the dot at Online Update and click OK.  Follow the instructions on screen to install the latest version of the software.

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