How to create Contributor Statements

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How to create Contributor Statements

You can create a Contributor Statement that can be printed and mailed out to your contributors each month, quarter, mid-year, or yearly.

You can choose from a variety of formats, printing options, and sorts.

From the CMS Contribution System menu, click the Statements button.

If you have never created Contributor Statements before, or would like to start from scratch, click the New Report button on the right side of the screen and give your statements a name, such as Contributor Statements with Pledge Detail and click OK.

This will display the Contributor Statements Selection Screen.

First things first, you'll want to determine WHO will get a statement. 

The default selections will include anyone with either:

  • An Envelope Number, or
  • A YTD Contribution greater than zero, or
  • A  Total Pledge greater than zero 

But you can choose to limit that even further. Take a look at the Selections section on the left side of the screen.

For example, you may choose to not send a statement to those people who have passed away or moved away.  Click the Member Status button and remove your codes for Deceased and Transferred/Moved.  Click OK.

Or, you may choose to not send a statement to those people who have an envelope number, but who have not contributed or pledged this year.  Click the Additional Button.

Click the dot at People With Pledges or Contributions.

In general, you will not check any of the boxes under Additional Limits. 

This is used if you ONLY want those people who have a Pledge to a particular fund, or if you ONLY want people with a Balance Due on a Pledge.

The IRS rules for Contributor Statements states that anyone who contributes $250 needs a "contemporaneous written acknowledgement" (see,,id=96102,00.html for complete details). 

If you ONLY want to send to those people who have given you $250, click the Single Contribution checkbox and the range $250 thru $9,999,999.99 will appear. 

However, most churches will send statements to contributors, regardless of the amount given in a single contribution.

Additional Limits is a SELECTION for WHO will get a statement, not for WHAT will Print on the statement.  Click OK.

Now that you've determined WHO will get a statement, let's look at how the statement will appear!

Click the Change Statement Format button.

There are seven different styles of Contributor Statements you can choose from.  Each Statement can be printed at any time in the year.  

So just because it says it's a "Yearly Detail", doesn't mean you can't print it on October 13th!  You can print them anytime you want!

Each Statement format appears a bit different to the contributor:

  • Quarterly - The Quarterly Statement will print only the Pledgeable and/or Major funds you have entered in your system.  All of the Special Funds will be lumped into a Special Funds column.  If you have five or fewer Pledgeable/Major funds, the statement will always fit on one page.  This statement is IRS Compliant only if you print and mail it four times each year.
  • Quarterly (dot matrix) - Similar Contributor Statement for those churches who still use a dot matrix printer, rather than a laser/ink jet printer.  You can set up a Generic/Text Only printer driver and this statement format will print to your dot matrix printer very fast!
  • - Similar Contributor Statement for those churches who still use a dot matrix printer, rather than a laser/ink jet printer.  You can set up a Generic/Text Only printer driver and this statement format will print to your dot matrix printer very fast!
  • Monthly Summary - This statement will print only a summary of each month for the Pledgeable/Major funds and combine your Special Funds into a Special Funds column.  This statement is NOT IRS compliant for those people who have given $250 single contribution.
  • Yearly Detail A - This statement format is our most popular statement format (and IS completely IRS compliant!).  This statement will print only the funds to which each contributor has activity (pledge and/or contributions), and will print each individual date of the contribution and amount given to that fund in four columns across the page. The pledge information displayed is complete and easy to understand, as it is listed in a columnar format.
  • Yearly Detail B - Laid out similarly to the Yearly Detail A, this statement handles the pledge status information in a paragraph form.
  • Yearly Detail C - This statement is again very similar to the Yearly Detail A format.  However, instead of the contribution detail laid out in four columns across the page, it is listed one line per down the left column of the page.  This statement will also print the Check Number, Contribution Type, and Description (if applicable) of each contribution per date per fund.
  • Fees & Payments - This statement is laid out as the Yearly Detail C format, however the phrasing on the statement uses Fees & Payments terminology instead of Pledges & Contributions.  You can use this statement for Religious Education or School tuition.

Select the statement format you prefer and click OK.

If you are choosing to Bulk Mail your statements, you can choose to sort either by Alpha, Carrier Route, or Zip Code.  

NOTE: If you choose the Zip Code sort, you will get a Zip Code Count report after printing and closing the statements.

If you are tracking non-deductible items, such as Religious Education or School Tuition, you may not want to include them on your End of Year Contributor Statement.  The Yearly Detail and Fees & Payments formats will allow you to choose the funds to print.  

Click the Print Funds button and remove any non-deductible funds.  Click OK.

You may want to add your own Statement Message to the bottom of each statement.  Click the Statement Message button on the right side of the Statement Selection screen.

The "Only intangible religious benefits were provided" (or a variation of) is the IRS Compliant statement that should be somewhere on your statement.

If you are choosing to bulk mail your statements, you will need a message soliciting future contributions, i.e. "Thank you for your continued support".

You may also want to include a message indicating name and phone number of the person the contributor should contact if they have any problems or questions on their statement.  Click OK.

If you would prefer a phrase other than "Pledge" i.e. Commitment, Promise, etc. on the statement, click the Rename Headings button on the left.  You can change the words Pledge and Balance to another phrase as needed.  Click OK.

Click the Print Items button to determine what pieces information that you want to print on the statement.

For example, if you are printing the statement on church letterhead, you may want to remove the checkmark at Church Name and Address.

Only print the Contributor Postal Bar Code if you have been CASS Certified.  See CASS Certification Information and Order Form for more information.

If you are using the Self Sealing Mailers, you can print the Postal Permit information directly on the piece.  Click the Edit Postal Permit button to enter your churches bulk mail permit information.  Click OK.

You can control the Pledge Status Calculation sections on the Yearly Detail A, C, and Fees & Payments Statement formats.

If you leave the YTD Pledge, Total Pledge and Balance Due items checked, the statement pledge information will appear as follows:

The Year To Date Pledge is the Current Pledge Status Calculation on the left side of the page. If you want the contributor to view their pledge as of a certain date in time, you'll want to be sure this item is checked.  

If you remove the checkmark at YTD Pledge and leave the Total Pledge checked, it will appear as:

The Total Pledge checkbox controls the Total Pledge Status Calculation.  Leave the YTD Pledge checked and remove the checkbox and it will appear as:

And the Balance Due checkbox controls the "math".  If you check both the YTD Pledge and Total Pledge, but remove the checkmark at Balance Due, it will appear as:

Click OK.

Click Print.

The statements will fit beautifully in a #9 single window envelope (you can use the same envelope that your checks fit into from Ledgers & Payroll!). 


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