How can I print a receipt acknowledging gifts of $250 or more?

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How can I print a receipt acknowledging gifts of $250 or more?

Most churches will produce a Contributor Statement at the end of each year, which lists each gift made to the church each year, as well as pledge and balance information.

This Contributor Statement (Yearly Detail Formats A, B and C) meet all of the requirements of the Contemporaneous Written Acknowledgement outlined by the IRS and the church is not required to send any additional acknowledgement of contributions.

However, some Non-Profit Organizations, as well as some Churches, do prefer to send out a Contribution Receipt instead (or in addition to) the Contributor Statement.

The Contribution Receipt is a letter that acknowledges only the contributions received on that day, rather that listing the contributions received year to date. There is no Yearly Total, and no pledge and balance information on the Contribution Receipt.


Once you post a batch of contributions, you will not be able to utilize the Contribution Receipt option.

Prepare the body of your letter in Microsoft Word.

You will be creating only the lower 2/3 of the letter, CMS will insert the upper 1/3 that contains the date, recipient's name and address and salutation, and contribution receipt items.

So as you type the body of the letter, do not leave any room for the date, address and salutation, CMS will take care of that for you!

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Word 2003 or greater, you may want to leave one blank space before your first paragraph for perfect alignment.


Click File | Save and make a note of where you saved your letter. You will need to find the letter when you get into CMS.


Once your letter is typed and saved, click File | Exit and completely exit out of Microsoft Word. Remember, if you have your letter opened in the background, we can't link to it.

From the CMS Contribution System, Enter your batch of contributions and print the Edit List to verify your data entry.

Click Reports | Contribution Receipt.

Click the Browse button in the lower right corner and select the letter you just typed in Word.

Click the Batches button and select the batches where you would like to print a Contribution Receipt.

If you are printing the Receipt on letterhead, you can remove the checkmark at Print Church Name and Address.

If you want to print Receipts for ONLY those Contributions over $250, click the checkbox at Print Only Contributions $250 or greater. The system will select only those contributions whose daily total is more than $250.

Click Print.

This will print a receipt that you can mail to contributors each day or week in addition to, or in lieu of Yearly Detail Contribution Statements!

These Contribution Receipts will fit in a #9 single windowed envelope for mailing.

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