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Recommended Reads

4 Ways to Welcome Easter Church Goers
Easter is the perfect time to offer those unfamiliar faces you'll see in church a warm, genuine welcome. With a little planning, we can improve upon our hospitality and make sure that visitors don't remain strangers for long.

Time Well Spent
Five productivity strategies to help church staff make the hours we do have go a bit further.

Teach Others How to Bridge the Gap between Mission-Heart and Know-How
Tips for churches interested in equipping their own people for sharing the gospel through missional church ministry, from our sit-down with Dr. Gary Comer, author of Soul Whisperer.

Strengthen Your Safety Net
Recommended policies and practices that should be part of the safety net of child protection protocols at your church.

Technology Tools 11 easy, cheap (sometimes FREE), and awesome tools to help you with workflows around the office and in your ministries.

Church Outreach and Content Marketing: a 2-Part Series
Learn what content marketing is, how your church can use it (part 1), and tips for putting forth a successful effort with defined goals, team strategy, and an editorial calendar (part 2).

Like, Comment, Share: Facebook for Your Church
Learn how to leverage your church's Facebook to touch base with members, spread the word about your church, and, ultimately, to build a successful and engaging social media presence.

VBS Tools to Jump-Start Next Year's Ministries
You put a lot of work into making VBS great . . . learn how to leverage your software tools to make that work pay off next year and for years to come.

The Church Website: Is It up to the Job?
Your website makes a strong impression: what does your site say? Check out our questions designed to help you evaluate where you stand today, and get tips for making your website a welcome desk and a reliable source of information and tools.

Where Are You @ with Email?
Are your church staff using personal or generic-looking email accounts? Learn why this is a no-no and how having a custom church domain can protect your church and improve the communications that fuel your ministries.

Database Fitness for Your Church: a 2-Part Series
Accurate, reliable church records have a huge impact on your ability to reach people and engage them in church life. Learn some helpful tips for cleaning up the records you have today (Part 1) and keeping your database fit throughout the year (Part 2).

Fitting Out Your Toolbox
Practical tools to help you get your blog up and running with ample content and a clear marketing plan.

Why Your Church Could Use a Great Blog
A good blog is much more than just another venue for announcements. When done well, it can serve as a community-building ministry tool for your church that drives traffic to your website and . . . wait for it . . . permeates the culture with Christ!

End the Year with a Spirit of Generosity!
Suggestions for boosting year-end giving, from our partner company, LOGOS.

Church Leaders: Teaching Youth and Young Adults How to Manage Technology
In this article from our partner company, LOGOS, learn how the church can work in partnership with families to cultivate good, positive habits in using technology and the digital world to promote the discipleship of tomorrow's leaders.

5 Tips to Successfully Launch Online Giving
Looking to bring more members to your Online Giving program? Learn five fresh tips!

Build a 2013 Staff Survival Kit
Our partner company, LOGOS Management Software, offers great tips for blending your church's new year "kickoff" with a great thank-you for your staff. And you can package it all as a thoughtful and personal gift: the Survival Kit!

Trust. But Verify.
Smart controls help churches to prevent fraud and create an atmosphere of transparency — not suspicion. From our partner, LOGOS Management Software.

How Technology Will Drive Hospitality in the 21st Century
Hospitality Ideas for Church Groups Large and Small, from our partner, LOGOS Management Software.

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