CMS in the Cloud

CMS Remote Solutions

Your CMS People Suite in the Cloud!

CMS Remote Solutions gives you the freedom to access your CMS People Suite products wherever you are, without being tied to a particular computer. With CMS Remote Solutions, your programs will operate just as if you were sitting at your desk at work. The only difference is that your calculations and data are running on our secure servers instead of yours. So all you have to do is log on and go to work, and leave the backups, hardware and software maintenance, and updates—to us.

With CMS Remote Solutions, you'll always have access to the latest features and enhancements without ever needing to update the software on your office computers. We back up data automatically. . . just in case. These services and more save you time and money while helping you to work more efficiently.

Remote access to your tools and records, when you need it:

  • Boosts productivity by letting staff work from anywhere they have Internet access
  • Saves money with maintenance-free hosting services, including backups, updates and more
  • Improves security and reduces risk inherent in managing your own local database, servers and virtual private network (VPN)
  • Provides enterprise-class access to programs
  • Works on new and old operating systems (including Windows 10)
  • No learning curve — it's the same software on the Web

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