CMS Contribution

Church Revenue Tracking

Your total solution for managing contributions, pledges and tuition. CMS Contribution provides contributors with accurate statements on a regular basis. Internal management of pledge records and contributions is greatly enhanced by a clear audit trail, comprehensive reports and analysis graphs. Congregations that use a pledge system for general funding find CMS Contribution's accurate computations and regular reports very useful. Special fund drives and other money raising efforts are handled with ease.

Helps churches to:

  • Itemize all income, including each donor's pledges, gifts, special offering, tuition and more
  • Keep a contribution summary for current year, prior years, and lifetime contribution totals
  • Transfer contributions automatically into CMS Ledger & Payables
  • Generate accurate, professional reports
  • Manage pledges and capital campaigns
  • Send reminder letters or statements for payments due
  • Import electronic contributions

Powerful... provides everything you need to organize church income in a single package.

Flexible... allows you to customize reports to fit all of your needs.

Reliable... complies with all IRS regulations for church and school reporting and provides proper audit trails.

Compatible... fully compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, CMS Membership and CMS Ledger & Payables.

Simple... Windows-based, point-and-click technology that even a computer novice can learn and use with confidence.

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