CMS Membership

Accurate Census Empowers Your Ministry

Improve communication with your congregation and save time with CMS Membership. Send an instant email to any person or group of people and automatically print labels or mail merge letters for those who do not have email - all in one process! Print clear, concise reports and lists with a single click of your mouse. Organize your congregation's time, talents, and activities. Easily report and organize Sunday School, bible studies, and other small groups.

CMS Outreach helps your church to:

  • Maintain important dates such as birth date, death date, baptism, confirmation, and marriage
  • Speed up your daily work with built-in time savers
  • Manage education class availability, registration status, and student records
  • Keep employer, school, and emergency contact information
  • Store family and individual photographs
  • Record interests, talents, and special skills for volunteer opportunities
  • Maintain multiple addresses, telephone numbers, and email listings for individual members and families
  • Generate easy-to-read graphs and tables
  • Create and print accurate, up-to-date directories, reports, lists, and checklists
  • Works with Microsoft® Excel and Word. Also print reports in Adobe® PDF
  • Enter pastoral notes, health information, and other confidential data
  • Ensure that sensitive information is entered or viewed only by authorized staff persons using built-in security

"Keeping an accurate database of our congregation has made all the difference in the world. Our correspondence is always timely and personal, and we can match the needs of the church with the talents and skills of our members."

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