Instant communication by text, phone, or email

Mail and email are great tools to communicate with members and staff, but when the message is critical and has to reach many people in a short time, NotifyNow by CMS offers multiple ways to reach anyone by phone, text, and/or email—in seconds–using your existing CMS software.

NotifyNow by CMS provides effective, almost instant communication to staff, parents and others during any communication opportunity such as meetings, announcements, surveys, stewardship campaigns, emergencies, and more!

NotifyNow is easy to use. And with no equipment or software to purchase or maintain, you'll gain substantial, instant savings in staff time; and your messages will be delivered in a fraction of the time typical of traditional, manual communication methods.

Churches and schools use NotifyNow to:

  • Increase stewardship and ministry participation by informing appropriate members about church events
  • Send special messages to new members, members or students
  • Announce last minute information to specific groups (need volunteers for, traffic delays, weather cancellations, change in meeting venue, cancellations, etc.)
  • Reach shut-ins with important messages about the church, can have them select if OK
  • Send fundraising and goal status announcements
  • Immediately ask for donations during crisis times
  • Quickly create prayer chains
  • Make survey calls, providing options for voting and selections
  • Preannounce sermons to boost service attendance

"Keeping an accurate database of our congregation has made all the difference in the world. Our correspondence is always timely and personal, and we can match the needs of the church with the talents and skills of our members."

How it works:

NotifyNow by CMS sends your recorded message or text electronically from a single source to all people in any group that you select from your CMS database. Message recipients get the facts of any given situation via home phone, cell phone, text message and/or email. Messages reach thousands in seconds in multiple languages, while recording the delivery of each call. Busy signals or no-answers trigger repeat calls until messages go through or are recorded on voicemail. Unreachable numbers are logged and reported. You receive a complete report of who received the message, along with their responses.


  • Sends to 2 phone numbers + text message and email simultaneously
  • Manage the communication process from phone or web
  • No equipment or software to purchase, no downloads to maintain
  • Delivers to live person or voice mail/answering machine
  • Record additional information that can be selected by recipient (press # for directions)
  • Messages delivered simultaneously to email and phone (voice or text message)
  • Information is not lost by having various people make calls
  • Messages can be delivered in more than ten languages
  • Product can be used and delivered for FREE if sponsor is obtained and sponsor's message appended to calls
  • Each message receipt is verified and available for reporting
  • Real-time call history reports available to organization making the calls
  • Safe and secure

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