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Good, friendly, and reasonably priced service adds to the benefits and usage of any product. In many cases, the church has experts help define and select the computer hardware and software. In most cases those persons are not readily available to assist the staff after the system is installed. Office staff are generally not computer experts so they require assistance to fully utilize the system.

The CMS Annual Support Subscription provides consulting and training services and product updates to make sure the investment provides a maximum return. The Annual Support Subscription provides...

  • Live support! Unlimited number of telephone call consultations on a toll free 800 line
  • Free product updates to add new features and keep the product current
  • A 20% discount on on-site or telephone training services
  • Annual verification that data backups to diskettes are correct and restorable
There are also many intangible benefits provided by the Annual Support Subscription that are difficult to measure or attach a dollar value yet important to consider. Such benefits include:
  • Obtaining timely reports
  • Completing mailings and other tasks
  • Personal visits and telephone contacts
  • Time and effort in keeping data safe
  • Assistance of new employees and temporary replacements
  • Relief from frustration and apprehension of working with computers
  • Quick answers to questions
Payment for your Annual Support Subscription may optionally be made by an automatic monthly withdrawal.

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