Virtual Classroom

How it Works

  • You'll connect with the Virtual Classroom through GoToMeeting—a web-service that allows you to hear the instructor's presentation and interact with the instructor and other trainees. 
    NOTE: You'll need highspeed Internet access

  • During the session, you'll use the software you're being trained on to complete exercises from the instructor.

  • As you train, you can ask your instructor questions and learn from others in the Virtual Classroom.


  • Hands-on Learning: You interact with the software during the training session

  • Live Instructor: An instructor is there to answer your questions

  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose a time and date that works with your schedule

  • Affordable Pricing: Virtual Classroom is a very affordable training option (see pricing info below)


  • Classes are priced by the hour

    • 1 hour class = $75 per attendee

    • 1.5 hour class = $100 per attendee

    • 3 hour class = $150 per attendee

  • New customers are offered 90 days of training at no charge after their initial purchase


Class Descriptions

ConnectNow Church Accounting




CN-LP10 | ConnectNow: Ledger & Payables
(3 hrs. + 30 min. break) - $150 per attendee

Web-based demonstration session covers initial startup activities and basics of transaction entry and reporting. Topics include beginning balance entry, vendor entry, bill and check processing, other transaction entry, transaction reports, financial statements. Also, user creation, permissions and other topics.

CN-PR10 | ConnectNow: Payroll
(1.5 hrs) - $100 per attendee

Web-based demonstration session covers initial setup, employee entry, and Payroll processing. Topics include Pay Items, Paygroups, Deductions and Benefits, Account Distributions, Employee entry for lay staff and clergy, Payroll process steps, summary and detailed payroll reports.

Online Giving



OLG10 | Online Giving

This class is geared toward church administrators and will feature instructions on setting up funds and other important system administrator tasks in Online Giving. Attendees will need to have already created their system administrator log-ins. This course is only offered to customers who have purchased Online Giving from CMS.

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